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HCFCs phase-out in industrial and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning sector (StageⅡ) of China launched

Inception Meeting of HCFCs Phase-out Management Plan (HPMP) in Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Sector (StageⅡ) of China was jointly convened by Foreign Economic Cooperation Office (FECO) under Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) of China, United Nations...

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HCFCs phase-out of room air conditioner and heat pump water heater sector (stageⅡ) in China officially launched

Inception Meeting of the HCFCs Phase-out Management Plan (HPMP) of Room Air Conditioner (RAC) and Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH) Sector (StageⅡ) was convened in Shanghai on March 11, 2017. This meeting kicked off the stageⅡof HPMP in China...

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EIA, GREE and De’Longhi Submitted the Petition Regarding Charge Sizes in UL484

As voting members of 484 STP, the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), GREE and De’Longhi co-submitted a proposal in June 2016 to UL 484 and proposed that UL should either reinstate UL 484’s 8th edition, or UL should harmonize it with the current IEC60335-2-40standard. The reason for the...

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CHEAA attended the 4th WG16 meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark

Chinese expert Li Tingxun presented the test results of R290 leak at the 4th meeting of WG16 of IEC 61D, held in Copenhagen, Denmark, June 21-23, 2016. This meeting discussed the revision of IEC 60335-2-40 to regulate the use of A2 and A3 refrigerants.

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Haier installed 53 R290-based residentical air conditioners in UN Beijing office

53 Haier-made R290-based air conditioners, were installed in UN Beijing office on June 15, 2016. CHEAA delivered a speech at the ceremony.

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CHEAA discussed HFCs phase-down with US delegation

China Household Electrical Appliances Association (CHEAA) received a US delegation of two experts working in the field of ozone protection on June 6, 2016. Issues related to HFCs phase-down and safety standards were discussed by both parties, and the HCFC-22 reduction in room air conditioner sector ...

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CHEAA attended the 76th ExCom meeting in Montreal

CHEAA delegation attended the 76th meeting of the Executive Committee of Montreal Protocol in Montreal, May 9-13, 2016, in Montreal, Canada. The HCFCs Phase-out Management Plan for room air conditioner sector in the second stage was discussed in this meeting, and was expected to be approved at the...

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China held the IEC 60335-2-40 SC 61D/WG16 meeting

The third team meeting of IEC SC61D/WG16, hosted by China Household Electrical Appliances Association (CHEAA) was held March 2-4, 2016, at ASTA hotel & Resort in Shenzhen, China. This meeting brought together the best minds in this field, including experts from Midea, Gree, Haier and TCL.

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Eco-label for room air conditioner released

The eco-label for room air conditioner was jointly released by China Household Electrical Appliances Association (CHEAA), FECO of Ministry of Environmental Protection, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and GIZ. This eco-label is ...

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