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Technology Park of AWE to set new trends of AIOT

​How to describe the influence of AI and IoT on future life in simple words? I believe “pervasive but invisible” is what you’re looking for.

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AWE 2019 releases new theme-Falling in love with AI · Smart Life

AWE 2019 unveils its new theme recently-Falling in love with AI· Smart Life. Under this new theme, it is gearing up to bring more innovative products, solutions, cross-boundary elements and global big names to its platform, and is ready to reinterpret its core concept-Home for Next by painting a...

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AWE 2019 launches visitor registration and a service survey

Rising to be one of the top three global shows of the industry in recent years, AWE continues to advance the integration of traditional home appliance industry and emerging sectors with the faith of creating value for consumers, promoting multi-level communications between capital, science and...

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Approved by UFI, AWE continues to deliver craftsmanship and quality

AWE was approved by the Global Association of Exhibition Industry as an UFI Approved International Event in September 2018. As the only approved show of Asian-Pacific region in the category of home appliances and consumer electronics, AWE was recognized by this global authority in scale, history,...

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Gathering all the big names, AWE 2019 to showcase healthy lifestyles on Asia’s largest kitchen appliance platform

Entering into 2018, kitchen appliance industry fails to continue its growing momentum of the past few years, and shrinks in overall sales. But what’s unchanged is the enthusiasm of kitchen appliance makers for AWE2019. It is learned that AWE2019 will cover an exhibition area of 135,000 square...

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