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AWE2020 smartizes the future with high techs

At AWE, you can grasp the economic pulse, get insight into all aspects of the industry, and feel the charm of futuristic technologies. After 10 years of development, AWE 2020 is going to kick off under the theme of smartizing the future. World leaders in home appliances and consumer electronics...

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AWE2020: Future of Intelligent Life and Competition, Science and Technology "On Fire"

Staying abreast of economic development, gaining an insight into industries, feeling the charisma science and technology "on fire," a decade of the AWE is fully prepped and equipped for the future of intelligent life and competition...

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Three Highlights of AWE2020

China Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE), the largest in Asia and the third in the world, will be held in Shanghai from March 11 to 14, 2020. There are only 6 months left before the opening of AWE2020. Allow me to inform you the three changes of AWE2020 in advance...

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AWE 2020 to set sail with high tech to attracting global attention

“Technology and good food are not to be missed on one’s way to a happy life”. The proverb reveals to us the essence of the AWE. Public impression of the March 2019 AWE, still lingering on, has not altogether passed away or dissipated, in spite of subsequent new exhibitions. Again, that’s...

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AWE Report: The industry shifts focus from products to user experience

Nowadays, consumption preferences and demands of consumers are changing, and they pay more and more attention to personalized, convenient and experiential consumption. Meanwhile, the rapid development of big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and other new technologies enables household appliance...

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